POCASSET, MA USA (February 22, 2023): Axius Water announced today that it has broadened its platform by acquiring Napier-Reid, a leading supplier of custom-engineered water and wastewater treatment systems located in Ontario, Canada. Axius Water is a portfolio of businesses focused on improving the effectiveness of wastewater treatment in industrial and municipal applications. With expertise in nutrient management at the core of all Axius Water businesses, Napier-Reid complements this essential competency and extends its expertise into the drinking water space.

Napier-Reid’s process engineers and technology are known for solving unique problems with precise execution – whether they be of scale, geographical and/or environmental complexity. These practical, sustainable system designs are based on more than 70 years of best practices.

According to vice president Frank Li, who has been with Napier-Reid since 1998, “Our elite team of problem solvers is very excited to now be part of the Axius platform with the mission to provide sustainable water and wastewater solutions to industrial and municipal customers.”

“We are thrilled to finally have Frank Li and the Napier-Reid team now part of Axius. Frank and his team are passionate about solving customer problems, simple or complex, large or small. This fits so well into the Axius strategic mission of investing in businesses with sustainable water solutions,” said Chris McIntire, Axius Water CEO.

It is business as usual for Napier-Reid, whose brand will stand side by side with fellow Axius businesses including ATAC Solutions, Environmental Dynamics International (EDI), Environmental Operating Solutions (EOSi), and Nexom. Frank Li will continue to hold the critical role of vice president and general manager at Napier-Reid and will be responsible for the day-to-day operations while also contributing to the robust infrastructure of the Nexom operations in Winnipeg, Canada. Both backed by the capital of Axius and its other operating companies.

Napier-Reid co-owner Tim Otton will transition into the role of production manager and focus on increasing manufacturing capacity to meet growing demand.

From SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor), RBC (Rotating Biological Contactor), DAF (Dissolved Air Floatation) and gravity clarifiers, to sludge heat exchangers, and grit removal systems, Napier-Reid carries a full range of products for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. On the clean water side, Napier-Reid also designs and supplies gravity and pressure filtration trains, membrane filtration and ion exchange systems for drinking water and industrial process water applications. All of these processes, along with the applications expertise to design and deliver them anywhere in the world, naturally complements the Axius portfolio of products.

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About ATAC Solutions Ltd.

ATAC Solutions Ltd. is a leading UK environmental services company specializing in wastewater services and wastewater equipment on a capital purchase or hire basis. ATAC designs, manufactures, installs, and commissions a large range of process equipment and bespoke process technologies from its BS EN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality standard accredited facility in Maidstone, Kent. atacsolutions.com

About EDI (Environmental Dynamics International, Inc.)

Founded in 1975, EDI designs, manufactures, and installs custom high-efficiency diffused aeration systems for which it also provides maintenance and parts support. Customers are served through several international offices, a UK manufacturing and distribution center, and a wide network of local independent partners. Research and development, engineering, design, manufacturing, and a sales center are located in Columbia, Missouri. wastewater.com

About EOSi (Environmental Operating Solutions, Inc.)

Based in Pocasset, Massachusetts, EOSi provides proprietary nonhazardous and environmentally sustainable liquid organic chemicals (MicroC®) and technical services for biological nutrient removal applications in wastewater systems. EOSi offers strong product quality, technical support, and service levels to plant operators at municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities of all sizes. microc.com

About Napier-Reid

Napier-Reid is a leading supplier of engineered water and wastewater treatment systems located in Markham, Ontario, Canada. Since its inception in 1950, Napier-Reid had completed over 3,000 water and wastewater treatment contracts for both municipal and industrial clients in more than 40 countries. napier-reid.com

About Nexom

Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Nexom provides engineers and operators with turnkey biological, filtration, and lagoon-based technology solutions for nutrient removal and cleaner water. At more than 800 installations worldwide, operators utilize proprietary Nexom technologies to achieve regulatory compliance of pollutants, including ammonia, phosphorus, nitrate, biological oxygen demand (BOD), and wastewater reuse, particularly in cold climates. nexom.com 

About Axius Water

Axius Water was founded in 2019 by KKR’s Global Impact Fund, in partnership with XPV Water Partners. Axius’ differentiated products and services improve the effectiveness of the wastewater treatment process, thereby measurably improving the quality of treated water. The platform is expanding globally as it builds a diversified portfolio of operating companies that offer leading solutions that improve the overall wastewater management processes. For additional information about Axius Water, please visit www.axiuswater.com.

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